Denver Center For Anthroposophic Therapies

Do you feel that something is missing from your healthcare? Are you tired of always being told to take medicines that suppress symptoms, but don’t address the underlying problem? Are you looking for more natural treatments? Do you feel like you have lost control of your health?

We want to help.  The changes and growth of modern medical knowledge and science are undeniable, but they don’t necessarily guarantee that we are healthier, or happier. In fact the push towards an ever more detailed, physical view of disease means that the human being, as a whole, too often gets left out. And with more and more emphasis being placed on external measures of health (like lab tests and scans) the human process of observation, conversation, and cooperation has suffered. Then you can find yourself being treated more like a body part than a person, or realize that there isn’t much space for you to participate in your treatment.

Anthroposophic medicine is practiced by fully-trained medical doctors in 66 countries world-wide, and has been working to bridge modern medical insights with a holistic view of the human being for more than 90 years. It recognizes that broadly standardized treatments do not leave space for individual needs or perspectives, and that you deserve to be at the center of your healthcare:

  • We understand that it is essential to know who you are as a person, so we devote the necessary time to learn your health history as well as your questions and concerns.
  • We take into account aspects of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, and recognize that they interweave and influence each other.
  • Dr. Blanning is a full-trained MD, board-certified in family medicine, but has done extensive additional training and study in order to find methods that influence the process of an illness, not just control its symptoms.
  • We routinely use natural medicines as the foundation for our treatments. Like many different ancient healing traditions around the world, we incorporate herbal and homeopathic medicines. They do not work as quickly as standard prescription medications, but help open other doorways to lasting change and healing. We believe we can help you find ways to safely use both regular prescription and natural medicines.
  • We intentionally strive to keep a simple medical practice in order to maximize the time you spend with a doctor, because the most important part is working with you.