Holistic Treatments for Children and Anthroposophic Pediatrics

Are you thoughtful about what your child is exposed to and want to find holistic ways to support good health? Our treatments for children range from natural treatments for colds, cough, and flu, to detailed discussions around behavioral and developmental concerns, to integrative treatment plans for complex chronic illness. Dr. Blanning brings a breadth of experience to his work with children–as a parent (of two), through his work as an educational and developmental consultant to Waldorf schools, and because of his deep love of children. Dr. Blanning brings a kind but encouraging approach to his work with children. A child’s growth and physiology are still tremendously dynamic, and we find that children respond very well to anthroposophic therapies. Our treatment goal is not just the removal of symptoms, but better strength and capacity.

Click here to see how anthroposophic medicines have been used for treating common acute illnesses

Whenever possible it works best to see a child face-to-face, because children express so much of who they are through their movement, speech, growth patterns and ways of interacting.  If you live outside of the Denver/Boulder area and are interested in working with Dr. Blanning we will try to find ways to support your child.  As a first step please send a 1-2 paragraph summary of your questions and concerns via our contact form and we will let you know if a long distance consultation is feasible.  Please allow 7-10 days for a response.

If you are a Waldorf teacher and are referring a child to Dr. Blanning, please fill out the Classroom Referral Form–for distance consultation

You can see Dr. Blanning’s upcoming availability, as well as schedule an office appointment, by clicking on the button below:

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