MigrMigraine symptoms show up in the head, but migraine is really a whole-body imbalance.  Why? Warmth and inflammation (qualities that properly belong to the digestion and metabolism) move up into the head and the brain. The brain doesn’t like too much warmth or inflammation, hence the pain. Anthroposophic medicine recognizes that migraine inflammation in the head usually comes as a reaction to something else.  Migraine arises as part of an imbalance somewhere else in the body. Working with this more holistic picture offers additional ways to approach migraine. Therapy that focuses only on headache symptoms may miss other important patterns or influences.

Approaching chronic migraine as an “imbalance” disease really is not such a deep secret.  Lots of established medical experience shows that an imbalance in one part of the body can trigger a reaction in another place. Think of the known dietary triggers for migraines (such as red wine, aged cheeses, the food additive MSG). For some people digestive work can have a big impact on migraine severity and frequency.  Hormonal shifts can also trigger migraines. Natural medicines to help regulate hormonal changes (like menstrual migraine) also help reduce headache symptoms.  We will ask you about sleep, digestion, menstruation, work and stress factors to help us identify appropriate complementary treatments for your headaches.

Finding ways for the body to best recover from a migraine rounds out our holistic therapies. We have found a range of herbal and homeopathic medicines that we believe help the brain recovery more quickly and also build more resiliency.

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