Mistletoe therapy for cancer

Combining traditional and holistic cancer treatments

Cancer treatments with surgery, chemotherapy and radiation are powerful. They also place huge stress on the body.  The traditional medicines and procedures that target cancer cells help shrink tumors, but they often have undesired effects on energy, appetite, and a person’s sense of well-being. When you have a cancer you need to find the best combination of therapies. You should also make sure that you are supported on the levels of nutritional, digestive, immunologic, emotional and spiritual health. We see you as a whole person. We can counsel you about safe therapies—including natural, herbal, and homeopathic medicines—which help the body rebuild strength. Conversation around the deeper meanings and impact of a cancer diagnosis can also be powerful tools.  They help you regain a sense of inner balance and strength.

Mistletoe Therapy for cancer

For nearly one hundred years Anthroposophic physicians have recognized the importance of the immune system in therapy. Anthroposophic therapies stimulate and regulate how the immune system functions. We can teach you how to use mistletoe preparations. Decades of work between doctors and patients have helped refine this process. Dr. Blanning has been teaching patients ways to use mistletoe preparations, as an adjuvant cancer therapy, for the last fourteen years.  Exploring alternative medicine for cancer does not mean rejecting conventional treatment.  Holistic therapies instead bring you a wide range of resources to help you heal on many levels.

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