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The health problems we meet as adults seem to sometimes come out of the blue, while other times illness reflects the experiences and patterns built up over many years. Unexpected illnesses usually bring some shock, because we suddenly feel disconnected from our body and are not sure we can trust it any more. The whole experience–of an illness in the body which we did not expect and do not fully understand–feels foreign. Where did this come from? But well-rounded healing support gives us tools to influence our health and consciously participate in the healing process. When illness arises out of a long-standing pattern, over months and years, it can feel like our body is stuck in only one way of reacting. We may know all too well what is going to happen, or how the body will behave. There is no more surprise in the process. In these situations, we need to find treatments that lead to greater flexibility and new ways of doing things. We need, not just to suppress a pattern, but to change it. This means addressing an illness on multiple levels, in order to find lasting change.

Anthroposophic treatments for adults have been shown not just to reduce symptoms but also to improve quality of life.  Click the links below to learn more about:

Outcomes of anthroposophic medication therapy in chronic disease

Don’t live in the Denver/Boulder area?  We recognize that medicine works better when it is built on a real, human, face-to-face encounter and relationship.  For this reason, many people who live out of state will travel to Denver for an initial appointment, and then follow-up by phone.  But if this is not possible and you would like to still explore the possibility of working with Dr. Blanning, send a 1-2 paragraph summary of your questions and concerns via our contact form, and we will let you know if a long distance consultation is feasible.  Kindly allow 7-10 days for a response.

Please note: an office appointment is required for the initial prescribing of mistletoe therapy.

You can see Dr. Blanning’s upcoming availability, as well as schedule an office appointment, by clicking on the button below:

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