An exciting development is that more and more people are learning about mistletoe therapy as a supportive treatment for cancer care. This is often related to news of ongoing studies at Johns Hopkins related to tumor therapy with mistletoe preparations and the education and advocacy of Believe Big. Immuno-therapies for cancer are also becoming an important part of standard oncology practice, especially for some types of lung cancers and melanoma—you have likely seen advertisements for those very new and expensive immune treatments in television commercials or magazine ads. Mistletoe, meanwhile, as an immune supporter and stimulator, has been part of anthroposophic medicine for almost 100 years. Dr. Blanning has been able to incorporate mistletoe treatment as part of whole person cancer support for the last fifteen years with a wide variety of patients, including individuals with both localized and metastatic disease, pre-cancerous conditions and even palliative care situations.  He has used Helixor, Iscador, and Abnoba preparations. Dr. Blanning helped coordinate and edit the English language translation of the “Vademecum: Foundations and Applications of Mistletoe Use in Oncology.” This is the authoritative guide to mistletoe use.
Dr. Blanning is not an oncologist, he is a family doctor. He is not a replacement for an oncologist. But seeking treatments that strengthen the immune system, encourage healthy detoxificiation (especially during chemotherapy), and support overall quality of life are all essential aspects that can work right alongside standard oncology care. Anthroposophic nursing treatments, especially applications like yarrow liver compresses, are supportive and speed recovery from surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy.

Mistletoe treatments are generally given as injections under the skin, something you learn to give yourself, 2-3 times a week.

Please note: Dr. Blanning needs to see you in-person for an initial consultation at the medical office before he can prescribe mistletoe therapy. Much of the follow-up care can be done by phone if you are not within easy driving distance of the medical office.

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