More and more people are learning about mistletoe therapy as a supportive treatment in cancer care. This is often related to news of ongoing studies at Johns Hopkins Medical School, related to tumor therapy with mistletoe preparations, and to the education and advocacy of organizations like Believe Big. We are glad you have heard about mistletoe!

If you are just starting your cancer journey, you can learn more information about mistletoe therapy here.

Mistletoe treatment acts as both an immune supporter and stimulator, has been part of Anthroposophic medicine for more than 100 years. Mistletoe (Viscum album) treatments originated within Anthroposophic medicine. Dr. Blanning has offered mistletoe treatment as part of whole person cancer support since 2003, and treated individuals with both localized and metastatic disease, pre-cancerous conditions and palliative care situations.  He primarily uses Helixor, and Abnoba preparations, but also makes use of Iscador and Iscucin preparations for special situations.. Dr. Blanning helped coordinate and edit the English language translation of the “Vademecum: Foundations and Applications of Mistletoe Use in Oncology.” This is the authoritative guide to mistletoe use.
 Dr. Blanning is not an oncologist, he is a family doctor, but he adds expertise with treatments that can strengthen the immune system, encourage healthy detoxification (especially during chemotherapy), and reduce side effects from other treatments.

What working with Dr. Blanning can look like:

  • Come and see Dr. Blanning for an initial, consultation, for either 60 minutes (if you live in town) or 90 minutes (if you are traveling from out of town). Please note: Dr. Blanning needs to see you in-person for an initial consultation at the medical office before he can prescribe mistletoe therapy. Much of the follow-up care can be done by phone if you are not within easy driving distance of the medical office.
  • Then, over several weeks, we will work to find the correct dose of mistletoe for your cancer–this can usually be done by phone. This process needs to be individualized titrated as there is no set protocol that works for every person.
  • Then we have formal appointments at 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months.
  • Natural treatments for symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, pain, sleep disturbances, depression, anxiety, constipation, edema, or loss of appetite can be added at any time.
  • Dr. Blanning teaches people how to do subcutaneous injections, which can then be done on your own (self-administered, the same way you might do insulin injections for diabetes). IV treatments are not offered at Dr. Blanning’s clinic and are not required for effective mistletoe treatment.
  • Many clinics are now offering mistletoe treatments at great cost and with generic protocols. Because the treatment’s main goal is to strengthen and stimulate your body’s own immunity and healing forces, more or less mistletoe may be needed, depending on your situation. More is not necessarily better. Choice of host tree for the mistletoe, combination with Helleborus treatments, as well as how the mistletoe is rhythmically dosed are important factors. Dr. Blanning has done training courses for mistletoe treatment in both the U.S. and in Switzerland.
  • We do not require extensive laboratory testing to start therapy. The most important aspect of cancer support is empowering you to be an important part of your healing.  We focus on you.

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