Meditative verses for times of change and transition

Two verses from Rudolf Steiner (who founded anthroposophic medicine with Dr. Ita Wegman)


Verse of Destiny (Peace Dance)

The wishes of the soul are springing,

The deeds of the will are thriving,

The fruits of life are maturing.

I feel my destiny,

My destiny finds me.

I feel my star,

My star finds me.

I feel my goals in life,

My goals in life are finding me.

My soul and the great world are one.

Life grows more radiant about me,

Life grows more arduous for me,

Grows more abundant within me.

Strive for peace, Live in peace, Love peace.




It grows dark,

my soul enters the dark,

will shine in the dark,

will shine, for there is wisdom, strength and goodness

of God in my soul;

wisdom, strength and goodness

grow in my soul in the dark–

through them my soul will

once more shine with life

through head, heart, limbs.


(an evening verse)

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