Standard visits for new patients are sixty (60) minutes. Extended visits (ninety minutes) are available and recommended for those who need to discuss complex medical problems and for those who are traveling from out of town and who need extended time for conversation.

Rates for Medical Services

Effective May 1, 2019
Office consultations:

  • Standard new patient visit (60 minutes): $205
  • Extended new patient visit (90 minutes): $305
  • New patient, acute illness only (30 minutes): $105
  • Standard follow-up visit (30 minutes): $95
  • Extended follow-up visit (60 minutes): $185

Phone consultations (for established patients only, or as cleared by Dr. Blanning):

  • Standard phone consultation (30 minutes): $95
  • Extended consultation (60 minutes): $185
  • Quick “sick” consultation, 10 minutes: $40 (a higher rate will be charged if the consult evolves into a longer conversation).

Office visits do not include the cost of any recommended anthroposophic medicines, which generally range from $12-45 each. Many medicines are stocked in the office, but some will need to be special ordered or compounded by a pharmacy.

Questions?  Ask us.

Anthroposophic Nursing and Rhythmical Massage

Anthroposophic Nursing services include teaching, compress application instruction, rhythmical massage therapy, and compress treatments.

Dona Totten, RN, AN, You can reach her by phone at: (303)-704-0199


  • New patient visit (90 minutes): $120
  • Standard follow-up visit (60 minutes): $85
  • Extended follow-up visit (90 minutes): $120

A discount is available when treatments are prepaid in blocks of 6 or 12 sessions.

Home visits, depending on driving distance, as well as after-hour and weekend appointment are available for an additional fee of $25.

Please schedule your appointment online by clicking “Schedule an Appointment” in the sidebar, then select “Nursing services.”

Dona Totten, RN, AN

Phone: (303)-704-0199


We do not work with any insurance, and expect payment at the time of the service (cash, check, Visa or Mastercard are accepted).  We work this way to preserve both the therapeutic freedom and the time to approach your health in a truly holistic way.

Office visits and medications can be paid for through a Health Savings Account, or may be reimbursable if you have out-of-network coverage as part of your insurance plan. We provide receipts with the appropriate medical service and diagnostic codes you would need to file with your insurance.

Canceling Appointments

If you need to cancel an appointment, we ask that you give us at least 24 hours notice so that the slot may be made available to someone else. For no-show appointments, or appointments canceled less than 24 hours in advance we may change a fee for the time reserved (usually 50% of the charge for the scheduled visit).

If you scheduled your visit through the online scheduling program, you can cancel or change your visit through the confirmation email that was sent when you booked the appointment, up to 24 hours before the appointment time. To cancel later than that you will need to call the office.

Sliding Scale Tuesdays and Integrated Care Package

Sliding Scale Tuesdays

Discounted sliding scale office visits are offered every Tuesday.  We are offering this in the spirit of wishing to help make anthroposophic medicine and therapies available to a wider range of people. Here are some key details:

  • Sliding scale discounts of A) 10%, B) 20% or C) 30% are available on Tuesdays.  The amount of discount being requested should please be indicated as part of the “Additional info” entered when an appointment is scheduled on the practice website.
  • These sliding scale discounts are available on Tuesdays for 30- and 60-minute office visits (for both new patient visits and for follow-up visits), as well as for anthroposophic nursing therapies.  They are not available for phone consultations or for 90-minute “extended” new patient appointments with Dr. Blanning.
  • We offer these in a spirit of trust and communal well-being.  The discounts should be requested when the cost of a normal visit is not financially accessible.  We hope that they can be shared within a broad group of people.
Integrated Care Package:

We are introducing an integrative “care package,” which is meant to provide in-depth support for individuals who are experiencing a significant illness.  Working through the healing process takes time, so the care package will include:

  • Five visits with Dr. Blanning over a 4-6 month span (three one hour visits, and two 30 minute follow-up visits)
  • Twelve rhythmical massage or anthroposophic nursing treatments with Dona Totten RN, also over a 4-6 month span.  These would be divided into two, six session courses, with a break in between them.  Treatments will be customized for each individual situation.
  • Purchasing the package provides a 15% discount on medical visits and massage/nursing treatments.

The cost of the care package is $1750.  This is designed with several aspects in mind:

  • One great hope of this initiative is that when someone becomes ill a community of friends, neighbors, and colleagues can come together and provide this care for someone, as we are usually least able to afford this kind of care when we are ill or incapacitated.
  • This can be accomplished by twelve people each contributing ~$140, or twenty-four people contributing $70.
  • It is also possible for those who have a health saving account to budget $140 a month towards this care, which is taken out pre-tax.  For more information about establishing a health savings account visit:
  • Full payment (or a contractual payment plan) needs to be made at the beginning of the treatment course to qualify for the discounted package.
  • The package does not include the costs of remedies or other medications (which will necessarily be different for each unique situation).


We work with people on a broad range of illnesses and complaints, but cannot offer all medical services. We are not able to provide any obstetrical or hospital care, and may refer you back to your primary care physician for pap smears, blood work, vaccinations, or any other required testing. You will need to maintain a primary care physician through your insurance company, as Dr. Blanning also travels doing teaching and consultative work and cannot guarantee continuous medical care. Please bring all of your current medications (both prescription and over-thecounter) with you to your visit.

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