Natural Medicine and treatment for Anxiety

anxietyHeightened awareness of our surroundings is a crucial survival skill. Extreme awareness helps in an emergency, but it shouldn’t dominate our life.  Anxiety should not become a way of life! When we experience shock or trauma, when we are under exceptional stress, when our life has become so full of risk or responsibility that there seems no chance to surrender our sensing, then our mind naturally becomes anxious.  Planning, anticipation and caution have their place, but they should not be our only activity. So how do we not get caught in worry?  We start by realizing that our body has forgotten how to relax into a more calm, regenerative place.  We work to strengthen the quieter, inner supports that help us be more resilient and safe in an unpredictable world.

Trying to make this change by yourself is not easy.  Changing anxiety is particularly hard because worrying about whether you are worrying too much usually only makes it worse.  We offer safe, non-addictive, natural medicines.  They help the body remember what it feels like to be calmer, relaxed, more secure.  Anthroposophic nursing and massage therapies provide additional support. They feel wonderful and help reset your nervous system. Once you start reclaiming that feeling of inner rest we identify next steps. These include identifying tools and experiences that help you build centering experiences into your life (nature, meditation, exercise, creativity).  Every person’s path of healing will be unique. We are happy to share observations, strategies, and holistic medicines that have proven effective for many other people.

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