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Explanations of how an herbal or homeopathic medicine is chosen and used in medical practice.

How do you Define Healing? Thinking about Symptom Reduction vs. Lasting Resolution

Real change is hard work. Think about a time when you changed a habit, really shifted something, and consider all the effort that was involved. Maybe it was something proactive (like quitting smoking) or something reactive (letting go of someone who broke up with you). It required a lot of repetition to sculpt a new […]

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The Integrated Care Package

There are currently places in the world where large hospitals, medical clinics and retreat centers are able to offer multi-disciplinary anthroposophic care (Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden), but the current medical model and insurance programs in the U.S. do not make this possible.  This is a challenging moral quandary, as participation in insurance plans immediately creates […]

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Avoiding Surgery for Big Tonsils, Gallstones or Fibroids

A New Feature Things you may not know Anthroposophic Treatments are good for: Avoiding Surgery for Big Tonsils, Gallstones or Fibroids   We get sick in stages: there is a waterfall relationship between the immediate impressions of a situation; to what with time becomes a more chronic, physiologic imbalance; to what eventually becomes a true […]

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Onions for Earaches

Every so often you encounter something that is so simple and effective, that you wonder why you didn't know about it before, and why doesn't someone put it in a “handbook” for life. One of the things that should most certainly be in that handbook, at least in the category of home treatments for common […]

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Where does Anxiety come from?

(apologies, but this one will require at least four paragraphs…)   Feeling anxious?  Then you probably need to reconnect your thinking with your feet.  Why is that true?  Well, anxiety, in all its different forms usually means that we are thinking, watching, waiting, and can't quite let go of that activity.  Sometimes exaggerated sensing activity […]

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What is an anthroposophic medicine and how is it chosen?

December 2012 Three Paragraph Newsletter   The medicines that are used in anthroposophic medicine (also often referred to as “remedies”) come from the natural world. Most are prepared from plants and minerals, a select few from the animal world, with very special attention given to the purity and quality of the substances. While most conventional […]

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