Chronically suppressing symptoms does not really heal a disease and allergy is no different. That is the way many medical problems are approached today. Which medicines work to suppress or block symptoms? Medicines like benadryl, albuterol and steroids. They are vital and potentially life-saving medicines when there is an emergency and Dr. Blanning prescribes them when he needs to. But when an illness shifts from an acute problem to a chronic illness there need to be other options. Because if the only therapy offered works to repeatedly suppress an illness, when will that end?  Does that mean you will need to be on that medicine for the rest of your life?

The rates of allergic illnesses keep going up. They are much more prevalent today than they were in the past.  Some estimates say that pediatric allergies have increased by 600% since 1970, so that a child today is about seven times more likely to have an allergy than 45 years ago.  This includes things like asthma, eczema, and hayfever (allergic rhinitis), as well as dietary and environmental allergies.  Something has changed about how we are able to take in substance from the outside world and respond to it.

A holistic and integrative approach looks to see:

  • Can we identify the triggers that make your symptoms more severe?
  • Is there a chronic irritation in one part of your body which perpetually irritates and stimulates the immune system?
  • How can your digestive and immune systems be guided and strengthened to really break down foreign substance (food, pollen, animal dander, chemicals) and then fully excrete it from the body? This can be supported with different kinds of herbal and homeopathic medicines.

We are able to offer a whole range of holistic options besides suppression, and these treatments can be especially important in children, whose bodies and immune systems can be taught new ways of healing.  We also feel that these kinds of alternative treatments can be safely added into an existing treatment, with the goal of safely transitioning off of suppressant medications over time.

Does this kind of holistic treatment work?  Is there any science behind anthroposophic medicine? Well, a series of important clinical research studies show that the risk of developing an allergic illness in the first two years of life goes down by about 75% for children who experience an “Anthroposophic lifestyle.”  (Source:

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