A Mission Statement for the New Year

There are a lot of messages in the world right now about the differences, the problems, the errors and imbalances in other people. The solutions given are too frequently messages of rejection, to simply get rid of what you do not like, or fear, or do not understand, and then the world will be better. That message mirrors, in many ways, a modern medical system that works to accurately diagnose problems but then focuses primarily on suppressing symptoms. In that world view the definition of “health” becomes mainly the absence of symptoms. But that approach risks putting on blinders to the deeper source of illness. Suppression or rejection takes the place of transformation. It creates a kind of false perception, one that wants us to believe that if we just get rid of all the things that are “wrong” then everything will be good. Where is the healing impulse in that? Healing is about finding and participating in your own path of transformation. We believe it is worth working for deeper change and healing.

Thank you for supporting medicine that strives to meet the whole human being.

Dr. Blanning’s medical practice started, a little over sixteen years ago, with a cell phone, a briefcase, and space that was rented for one afternoon a week. The size and scope of the practice has grown over the years, but the inner core vision of health that inspired it remains the same. There was no public mission statement for the practice when it was founded, but now it has become clear:

  • Every human being has deep goodness and beauty. Each of us weaves together an amazing path of individual experiences, challenges, and capacities. We can honor and learn from those stories when we slow enough to listen with full openness. The story is always richer and more deeply human than you expect.
  • We, every one of us, become imbalanced because we are dynamic beings and are always shifting and reorienting. But just as we fall out of balance, so too can we heal. We recover and grow through our own innate capacities for change. Those are as important as any medicine we may take from the outside.
  • Our inherent capacities for growth and change share gestures and processes with the whole natural world. Natural medicines can guide and support us in a way that allows us to actively participate in our own healing process. There is a whole language and repertoire of healing substances and activities to support and stimulate us.
  • Each healing path is unique. Looking to understand the physical, functional, historical, emotional, sensory, spiritual and self-defining aspects of health allows for a more individualized therapy, and the formation of a healing partnership.

Let’s look to see the goodness and beauty inside every human being this next year!


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