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Why email can't possibly meet our full humanity (and yes, I'm sending you an email): Living an Authentic Life, part 2

VISION--WARMTH--HEARING--WORD--THOUGHT--"I"   One part of leading an authentic life is about being conscientious with our body, and trying not to repetitively deceive our own physiology (see last month's post about artificial sweeteners, as well as a little update at the bottom*).  But that is not the only place where we are being numbed into disconnection.  A lot of our human authenticity is threatened by the way we connect to the outside world around us, especially the people we know and love.  How do you communicate with them?  How often do you feel that you have made a real connection?  It's easy these days to do a lot of communicating, but not very much connecting.  There is an important distinction between them--we can speak, write, or text a lot, but that doesn't mean that a real connection is being built.  Other times--miraculously--we may not need to say very much, but feel that there is really good understanding and that a deeper connection develops.  T ...

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Inflammation as Transformation: How to Get Unstuck? Part 2

One of the truest definitions of health that continues to prove itself over and over again is that when we get sick, our immune system can work thoroughly and efficiently so that the illness comes to a full resolution. In other words, being healthy does not mean that we never get sick (which would assume that at baseline we have some kind of perfection of physiology, and illness is always a deviation from it). That makes for a clean model, but is a very static view. We are more dynamic beings than that. At important times an illness process can actually open the door for us to transform and rebalance. Small children are particularly good at this. When they get stressed or worn down, they quickly show the world that they don't feel well (adults are not quite so honest, and we can hold out a lot longer with supports like caffeine, deadlines, duty, and yes, the fear of finally letting down...). But sick children do what their bodies need: they slow down, they lose their appetite, get a fever, whine and cling, an ...

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Why Warmth is so Important

It is really important to nurture and protect your warmth. Warmth deserves more attention than it usually gets. Warmth holds a very special place in the life of both the developing child and the adult, because it works throughout the entire spectrum of human experience. There is physical warmth, emotional warmth—the warmth of love, of generosity, of true morality—and all of these “warmths” pour over and merge with each other. Perhaps most importantly, warmth is the essential ingredient in transformative work. Without warmth we cannot change, and our life is full of processes of growth and adaptation. Warmth helps us be healthy human beings on many different levels. We actually already know warmth very well, but too often we think of it in mundane ways. Consider for a moment your kitchen and how you cook. Warmth allows different objects and ingredients to be blended, to develop whole new flavors, and to become well integrated. While this may seem like a simplistic example, the human ...

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