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The Waterfall of Stress and High Blood Pressure

The holidays are behind us and now it is back to work, back to regular life.  And for a lot of people that means diving back into stress (of course the holidays are not necessarily free from busy schedules or lots of unusual demands, either!).  Stress is, however, a natural part of life, and there are aspects of our stress response that are very healthy, even life-saving in an emergency.  At the same time continued chronic stress can make us really sick.  There is a kind of “waterfall” effect that relates acute stress and physical illness.  Here is one perspective that has proven to be helpful in talking to many different people about stress.   Suppose you are driving to work and someone swerves into your lane.  What happens?  You have a stress reaction—you sweat, your heart rate goes up, your blood pressure goes up, adrenaline and cortisol are released.  Your circulation changes, prioritizing blood supply to your brain, hear ...

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Can you have a tumor in your feeling life?

There is a very unusual description of a tumor in anthroposophic medicine.  It comes from some comments made by Rudolf Steiner, who helped to found anthroposophic medicine with a group of physicians about 100 years ago.  It says that a tumor is a “sense organ”—like an eye or an ear—in the “wrong place.”  That sounds very bizarre, until you start to spend some time thinking about the process, the activity of a sense organ, which is create a space where the outside world can penetrate into us, undisturbed.  Our eye, or our ear, should accurately convey our surroundings without altering them.  That is not the only way the outside world comes in: we breathe air, but warm and humidify it, and what we breathe in is different than what we breathe out; we take in food, but it is (necessarily) radically transformed through our digestion.  Our sense impressions, however, really should come in without disruption or distortion.   ...

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