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How do I find more Peace?--through the Life Sense. Living and Authentic Life, part 3.

            "How are you?"  That's a common greeting, which is usually answered more out of politeness than honesty.  Most of the time we answer casually, so that when someone does answer in a truthful way it is a little bit shocking--either because it is so negative ("Lousy!" which we probably would rather not know) or surprisingly good ("Fantastic!" which can seem a little Pollyanna, because nobody could really be walking around doing that well...).  But it is a good question to ask, especially of ourselves: "How am I?"  Maybe we don't routinely ask it because we already know that we are over-extended, or simply because there are so many things demanding our time and attention outside of ourselves so that there is little energy left for self-contemplation.  We get very good at training ourselves to ignore--actually override--any sense of how we are doing inwardly.  Instead, we use a little caffeine to rev us up when we are ...

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Falling Asleep is Hard to Do-Some Useful Tips

March 2013 Three Paragraph Newsletter   Falling asleep should be easy, right? Because we don't have to do anything special, we just stop our daytime activities and we should be able to go right to sleep. This may make sense logically, but it is a fallacy, mostly because in many areas of life we have lost our appreciation of the importance of transitions. That is partly because we are all trying to fit so many things into our day, and partly because we have become more and more accustomed to quick convenience. For a perfect example of where we have become accustomed to quicke convenience, just think of food. When we are hungry, or when it's dinner time--we are ready to eat. And so if we too often think that if we can just grab food, which is ideally ready instantly (or second best only takes as long as it takes to stand in line at the fast food restaurant, or to work the microwave), then we are ready to eat! But this, actually, also is a misperception, because we digest a meal so much better when we are ...

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