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Wild Gardening Manifesto

When the sun shines these days it feels glorious. With a lot rain in Colorado in the last month—including torrential downpours, lighting, hail the last nights—the contrast of rain and shine feels particularly strong. The ones who seem to appreciate the dry, bright days the most are the bees. I have a hive in my backyard and went to visit them this morning. There is a very particular smell to a beehive, a little like honey, a little musky, a bit like warmth, hard to describe but very distinctive. The bees are very happy, entering and leaving the hive so quickly that to follow the trail of one single bee is almost impossible. It is almost like trying to watch the drops of water in a waterfall—not easy, and not really the essence of a waterfall. The bees, like the waterfall, seem to live in a process of continual movement; the shifti ...

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The Integrated Care Package

There are currently places in the world where large hospitals, medical clinics and retreat centers are able to offer multi-disciplinary anthroposophic care (Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden), but the current medical model and insurance programs in the U.S. do not make this possible.  This is a challenging moral quandary, as participation in insurance plans immediately creates oversight and rigid expectations around the kind of medical care that is being provided.  Services must meet the "standard of care," or practitioners face severe scrutiny, as well as potential punitive limits on medical practice and monetary fines.  For these reasons we continue to make the decision that it is better to remain outside of the insurance system, recognizing that it is limiting access but it also allows us to provide a fully individualized, holistic approach to the healing process.   We would like to try to take one step towards healing that conflict. New for this c ...

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Onions for Earaches

Every so often you encounter something that is so simple and effective, that you wonder why you didn't know about it before, and why doesn't someone put it in a "handbook" for life. One of the things that should most certainly be in that handbook, at least in the category of home treatments for common illness, is the use of an onion compress for an earache. Yes, it will make you or your child smell like onions, and it sounds ridiculously simple, but in the middle of the night it can really be your friend. Why does it work? Well, most of the pain associated with an ear ache is from pressure, as fluid or mucous builds up in the space of the middle ear. And what happens when you cut up an onion? It makes you cry. It has a warming, loosening, irritating effect on your eyes and nose which helps to pull fluid right out. This effect can be put to good use when there is a lot of fluid built up and it needs to be released. It can be done in several simple steps: use a regular cooking onion, then cut it ...

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Is there a link between the body and the mind, the soul, the spirit?

Three Paragraph Newsletter, November 2012   This question strikes at the very heart of anthroposophic medicine, because the answer is: yes! This is done out of the fundamental understanding that the human being's physical body is indeed a miraculous structural and biochemical organization. But there is more to a person than the physical body with its bones, muscles and organs, and this "more" can be observed and worked with. This larger perspective is actually part of almost every healing tradition around the world--what makes anthroposophic medicine unique is that it is trying to bridge that broader spiritual understanding with modern scientific insights. Everyone who practices anthroposophic medicine has done a full conventional medical training, and then does extra study and training to incorporate a truly holistic picture (body, soul and spirit) into medicine. Can this be put into practical use? Again, yes. Larger perspectives allow for the opportunity to frame a particular problem or symptom in ...

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