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Plastic Surgery for Food? The GMO Question. Living an Authentic Life, part 4

Is there such a thing as living food?  If so, does that mean that there is dead food?  Why should it make a difference, if the most important thing about nutrition is the calories, fats, protein and vitamin content of a food?  Let's explore this a little: certainly fresh food tastes better, and fruit that has ripened on the tree or vine has a whole different quality than fruit that was picked green and shipped around the world.  It also seems increasingly clear, from all kinds of different perspectives, that highly processed food is not good for us.  Processed food is not the same.  Like formula for babies, which even if it chemically is as close as we can possibly make it to breast milk, it is not an equivalent.  That is at least in part due to the fact that the nutritive substance in breast milk has already been enlivened by the mother's body.  It can easily be digested and taken up into the body.  The substance of the milk is living--it loses some of that when i ...

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How Much Animal Protein Should I Eat?

July, 2013:  This is a question that gets asked all the time, and the answer is: it depends on how grounded you need to be! So, sadly (perhaps, if you were looking for the one and final answer), this means that there really is not a universal dietary recommendation for everyone! This is a truth which gets reinforced in the medical practice all the time. And what is even more interesting, is that the correct amount may change for an individual person over the course of different life stages. Why? Because animal protein makes you more focused, more "earthy" and at some stages that feels very good, and at others it is way too much. Infants (less than a year) get all of the protein they need through breast milk, in a form which is very easy to digest and assimilate. There is actually not a lot of protein in breast milk (as a percentage of total calories, only about 6%). This makes sense because a small child is only very gradually coming into life, and this model of a lower protein diet can be extended fo ...

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