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What is the Best Diet (for cancer)?

Diet can be an important part of working with a cancer.  There are six elements that add important holistic insight to choosing the right diet.

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Sensing Like the Heart

Feel your heart. Stop, pause for a moment and see if you can sense the rhythmic beating of your heart. It is an amazing organ because it is in constant movement, so flexible and mobile that the moment you say "there, now it is contracting" it has actually already started expanding, and by the time you say it is relaxing it has again started squeezing. The heart creates an tremendous organic activity—it is not so much a pump as a physiologic archetype of balance—faithfully and continuously working through our whole lifetime, steady, steady, steady (can you imagine carrying out the same activity for 70, 80, 90 years?), yet simultaneously so dynamic that it never really rests. Because of these dueling activities it is hard to capture the essence of the heart in a single work or image; there are too many aspects. The description of a "harmonious paradox" might come close. But even that is not quite right. Better, perhaps, would be "the possibility to hold opposite activities (like contraction and e ...

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Getting Unstuck, Part 1: How a Homeopathic Remedy Can Help

Been stuck recently?  Seems to be going around.  It’s not necessarily bad as long as it doesn’t become a way of life, though it usually does last longer than we feel comfortable with.  But it has its place.  Take breathing as an example.  There is that place in your breathing, where you have taken in a full breath, but not yet started to release the air.  Do you know that place?  And it feels like nothing is happening, but there is something happening—a change in activity is coming (from in-breathing to out-breathing).  And while the natural world around us these days is bursting into new activity, the human process for change seems to lag behind this time of year.  Why?  Well, when the winter comes and brings cold temperatures and long nights, we all naturally breathe in.  It feels really good to breathe in at that time.  Fall, the winter holidays, and the changing of the year bring an inwardness that feels really good.  It's ...

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Strengthening our Vitality During Cold and Flu Season

February 2013 Three Paragraph Newsletter This winter has been tough, with a lot of people experiencing a wide variety of colds, flu, bronchitis, you name it! One method to try to avoid getting sick is to stay away from anyone that is sick (which unless you are a hermit in a cave is pretty challenging). A different approach is to say: well, when I get sick my body makes me do certain things, and one of them is to slow down. Indeed, having to lie in bed for a week is an effective way to slow down, but one that most of us would rather avoid. We can influence our health by remembering that very many people find they get sick when they have been over-extending themselves—trying to cram in too much into too little time. They have gotten “toxic” (think of work deadlines, studying for final exams, travel with disrupted sleep and eating rhythms). And a process of inflammation makes us slow down and simplify (whether we want to or not), and cleanses the body. We can help the body not get so out of ...

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