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Avoiding Surgery for Big Tonsils, Gallstones or Fibroids

A New Feature Things you may not know Anthroposophic Treatments are good for: Avoiding Surgery for Big Tonsils, Gallstones or Fibroids   We get sick in stages: there is a waterfall relationship between the immediate impressions of a situation; to what with time becomes a more chronic, physiologic imbalance; to what eventually becomes a true pathological (illness causing) change.  An example: if I have an sudden shock or scare, then heart rate, blood pressure and muscle tone will naturally all go up, but they should all gradually relax and return to normal over the course of a few hours.  That would likely change if a shock or scare began to happen every day, then soon the body's steady state changes, it gets reset--perhaps to a place where there are persistent challenges with falling asleep, or painful tight muscles that become the norm.   And if my "reset" physiology stays imbalanced long enough we meet irreversibly illness, like a heart ...

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Gallstones and Your Mood

When I was doing my medical training, there was a pretty simple rule about the gallbladder: if you find that there are gallstones, and someone is having symptoms (pain on the right side, up under the ribs, especially after eating fatty foods) then the gallbladder needs be taken out! If there are gallstones, but no symptoms, in most cases leave it alone (diabetes was an exception). It was, and is, a very mechanical view of the liver and gallbladder, sort of like swapping out parts on a car engine. If it is causing problems take it out, if it is not, leave it be. And it is true that a primary activity of the gallbladder is to function as a storage sack for the gall and wait until the right kinds of foods are eaten, then send a bunch of gall down into the small intestine. But the gallbladder is more important than that. For the active excretion of the bile through the gallbladder is an essential activ ...

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