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What is the Best Diet (for cancer)?

Diet can be an important part of working with a cancer.  There are six elements that add important holistic insight to choosing the right diet.

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The Integrated Care Package

There are currently places in the world where large hospitals, medical clinics and retreat centers are able to offer multi-disciplinary anthroposophic care (Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden), but the current medical model and insurance programs in the U.S. do not make this possible.  This is a challenging moral quandary, as participation in insurance plans immediately creates oversight and rigid expectations around the kind of medical care that is being provided.  Services must meet the "standard of care," or practitioners face severe scrutiny, as well as potential punitive limits on medical practice and monetary fines.  For these reasons we continue to make the decision that it is better to remain outside of the insurance system, recognizing that it is limiting access but it also allows us to provide a fully individualized, holistic approach to the healing process.   We would like to try to take one step towards healing that conflict. New for this c ...

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Inflammation as Transformation: How to Get Unstuck? Part 2

One of the truest definitions of health that continues to prove itself over and over again is that when we get sick, our immune system can work thoroughly and efficiently so that the illness comes to a full resolution. In other words, being healthy does not mean that we never get sick (which would assume that at baseline we have some kind of perfection of physiology, and illness is always a deviation from it). That makes for a clean model, but is a very static view. We are more dynamic beings than that. At important times an illness process can actually open the door for us to transform and rebalance. Small children are particularly good at this. When they get stressed or worn down, they quickly show the world that they don't feel well (adults are not quite so honest, and we can hold out a lot longer with supports like caffeine, deadlines, duty, and yes, the fear of finally letting down...). But sick children do what their bodies need: they slow down, they lose their appetite, get a fever, whine and cling, an ...

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Can you have a tumor in your feeling life?

There is a very unusual description of a tumor in anthroposophic medicine.  It comes from some comments made by Rudolf Steiner, who helped to found anthroposophic medicine with a group of physicians about 100 years ago.  It says that a tumor is a “sense organ”—like an eye or an ear—in the “wrong place.”  That sounds very bizarre, until you start to spend some time thinking about the process, the activity of a sense organ, which is create a space where the outside world can penetrate into us, undisturbed.  Our eye, or our ear, should accurately convey our surroundings without altering them.  That is not the only way the outside world comes in: we breathe air, but warm and humidify it, and what we breathe in is different than what we breathe out; we take in food, but it is (necessarily) radically transformed through our digestion.  Our sense impressions, however, really should come in without disruption or distortion.   ...

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Healing from the Inside, Out

Lasting change comes when a medicine or treatment helps us gain better health through stimulating and supporting the body's own healing processes. This is different than just taking a medicine from the outside. All anthroposophic treatments strive to help us heal from the inside, out, striving a long-term shift—not just controlling symptoms.

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