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What is an allergy?

April 2013 Three Paragraph Newsletter It's clear that allergies are much more prevalent today than they were in the past. One study estimated that rates of pediatric allergy have increased by 600% since 1970, so that a child today is about 7 times more likely to have an allergy than 40 years ago. What is contributing to this? There are probably many factors, but when we begin to think about allergy as a disruption of our healthy borders--first a loss of border too far in, and then a pushing of our border too far out--we can better understand how it can be addressed. Because we need to start at the root cause. Antihistamines and steroids reduce the inflammatory symptoms, but they do not heal our boundary. So it is useful to look at two extremes of border imbalance. The first step of allergy (which does not garner as much attention as the second), happens when something comes too far into our body. It oversteps the protective barriers of our skin, the lining of our nose, mouth, lungs or intestines. Substa ...

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What is an anthroposophic medicine and how is it chosen?

December 2012 Three Paragraph Newsletter   The medicines that are used in anthroposophic medicine (also often referred to as "remedies") come from the natural world. Most are prepared from plants and minerals, a select few from the animal world, with very special attention given to the purity and quality of the substances. While most conventional pharmaceutical drugs are made synthetically, usually from petroleum, anthroposophic medicines are sourced from nature, and handled thoughtfully and carefully to protect the living qualities of the substance. This is important, because the chemical composition of a substance is an important "footprint" of the particular plant, but it is not the whole thing. In a way it is at most a marker of what happens when the process of a plant comes to rest. There is a chemical pattern which is representative of a process, but it is not the whole process. Anthroposophic medicines are trying to incorporate the whole process of a mineral, plant, or animal. To understand t ...

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