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Don't Wash your Dishes so Well

What can you do when something bothers your digestion? This is an important question, as there are sure a lot of people with food allergies and sensitivities right now. One logical, initial step is to work to identify what it is that is bothering you (food diaries and allergy elimination diets work well for this). Then, when you have confirmed that something is a problem you should make sure that we are not eating it in excess. Sometimes it is even necessary to eliminate it from your diet completely. This gets to be a little bit of a complicated issue because, more and more, as we eliminate certain foods from the diet (like gluten) other foods tend to take a larger part of what we take in (like corn). Blood testing for antibodies, skin testing for reactions, and muscle testing are all important tools too. But then what do you do with the information? When we take something out of our diet, does that mean we can never eat it again? Or, if we cut it out of our diet for a while so that the gut can heal, what can ...

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Healing from the Inside, Out

Lasting change comes when a medicine or treatment helps us gain better health through stimulating and supporting the body's own healing processes. This is different than just taking a medicine from the outside. All anthroposophic treatments strive to help us heal from the inside, out, striving a long-term shift—not just controlling symptoms.

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